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The basis of the dijker is the chassis. It is a flat element that integrates suspension, steering rack, pedal guidance and brake distribution. In addition, it protects the brake cables, the electrics and the drive belt linings with sheathing. The chassis is strong and light. Watch the instructional video. 

 The spiral belt drive multispeed® was developed for the drive. This integral drive system combines drive with a gear system. The left or right belt is wound around a wheel axle in a spiral. Diameter increases or decreases by adding or removing belt length while pushing. 

You can still downshift at a standstill. That is not possible with a derailleur on the bicycle!

On a dijker, all four wheels are fitted with light metal drum brakes. They are operated by pressing the steering column with the steering wheel. Unexpected, but intuitive and safe in practice. 

We have won the third prize at the Germersheim Spezialradmesse 2019 inventor competition! See: