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the dijker

These are five unique properties of the dijker. Just read: 

The dijker is a new type of vehicle. It has four wheels and a small steering wheel that you have to push to brake. It has pedals for the drive. These move back and forth in a straight line, left and right independently. The body consists of a handy undivided luggage compartment (the boot) and a nose cover. Both can be taken off very easily.

The dijker is a newly designed alternative for commuters who currently travel by car, motorcycle or public transport. Comfortable, dry and pleasant. Thanks to the sitting position, you arrive at your destination rested and relaxed. 

Perspiration? Even with the front cover on there is a lot of ventilation. The backrest is an open fabric. You can also hang a jacket over this!

Is it cold or raining? You are protected with the mini poncho between the boot and the nose cover. 

You can push with both legs at the same time and the weight is minimal. Acceleration from standstill is quick, and at speed, the aerodynamics are helpful. 

You can also easily get in and out thanks to the open design of the vehicle. You'll never feel trapped.

On the road you are well protected by the four strong wheels and the sturdy chassis. The dijker carries a design flag and striking colors for visibility.


Furthermore: there are no brake handles, and no handles are required for changing gear either: the adjustment is done by moving your toes backwards. All handles have been designed away. To ride a dijker is a new experience. To ride a dijker is fun.